The Ultimate Denver Bronco Fan

By Dave Bruning

Fans of the Denver Broncos are renowned for their passion and support of their football team.  Chris Marusic is the orange and blueprint of a die-hard Bronco fan.  Marusic is on a mission to win a contest that would send him to New York City to announce Denver’s 4th round draft pick in the 2013 NFL draft.  He needs your help.

The winner of the contest is the fan with the most likes on Facebook for their fan photo.   Marusic and his partner, Mike Kerr, are facing an uphill battle as the voting enters the final week.  What they need is an Elway-esque fourth quarter rally from the best fans in football.  To vote for Marusic/Kerr, here!

Marusic’s fan photo of a refurbished porta-potty screams of the dedication and passion he has had for the Broncos since the moment he left the womb.  The custom paint job and tile floor of the Bronco Throne is revolutionizing how fans enjoy pre-game festivities.  I’m quite sure it has also come in handy for many members of Donkey Punch Bunch, Marusic’s tailgating posse of the last 15 years.

Marusic has been driving the Denver bandwagon for as long as he can remember.  He went to the airport to celebrate The Drive, he’s posed seductively with an AFC Championship ring after meeting Elway and his basement is a shrine to all that is Denver Broncos.  He’s tasted victory and defeat.  His is a fan; the Denver Broncos ultimate fan.  Let’s help him get to New York.  Click on the link below to help the Broncos’ ultimate fan.

Click here to Vote!


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