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The Charm of a Foul Ball

By Dave Bruning The unabashed joy and giddiness of a child is a wonder to behold.  Too often we lose sight of this as adults, or even worse, fail to ever experience it again.  I am blessed and fortunate to have those moments on a daily basis with my daughter.  The great game of baseball… read more

Here Come the Chicago Cubs

By Dave Bruning You’ll have to forgive the unabashed giddiness of Chicago Cubs’ fans.  Christmas has come early for a beleaguered fan base famous for their “Wait til next year!” motto.  #1 prospect Kris Bryant has been promoted to the major leagues.  The Cubs are for real and baseball better get used to it. The… read more

An Open Letter from Pete Rose

By Dave Bruning Pete Rose is the all-time leading hitter in baseball.  He was banished from baseball in 1989 for gambling.  I whole heartedly agreed with the ban.  Gambling and baseball have been taboo going back to the 1919 Black Sox scandal in the World Series. I believe the time has come welcome Rose back… read more

I Just Need a Hug

By Dave Bruning I was lying in bed last night scrolling through Facebook.  Social media creates such bad habits.  Yet, given the opportunity, redemption is just a moment away.  A wonderful post by a friend of mine provided redemption and inspired the thought process for this blog.  The post, courtesy of Ricky Newman, is as… read more

Respect for the Toddfather

By Dave Bruning My second favorite baseball player of all-time is retiring.  Todd Helton, the greatest player in the history of the Colorado Rockies, has decided to hang up his spikes after a 17-year MLB career.  The Rockies just began their final home stand of the year, and thus, the final home games of Helton’s… read more

Flat-out Lies and Flat Beer in Milwaukee

By Dave Bruning Ryan Braun is a fraud.  He is a flat-out liar and nobody is buying the flat beer he is trying to sell.  His reward for his efforts:  an extended summer vacation and $114 million dollars.  I feel like puking. Braun has been suspended for the rest of the 2013 MLB season for… read more

Reposting of Dave’s Exit Sandman

By Dave Bruning The greatest closer/relief pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball has decided to draw the curtain on an unmatched career.  Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees will retire at the end of the 2013 baseball season.  His career has embodied excellence and supreme confidence with an unmatched level of stoicism. … read more