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The Champ Retires in Style

By Dave Bruning It is very rare for a professional athlete to retire on their own terms.  Too often the athlete is holding on for a paycheck while nursing a broken down body.  John Elway and Rocky Marciano are notable exceptions to the rule.  Champ Bailey of the Denver Broncos is coming home to retire,… read more

A Lonely Ride into a Bronco Orange Sunset

By Dave Bruning I was terribly saddened by the news of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen relinquishing all control of his football team.  Bowlen has been battling Alzheimer’s disease and can no longer effectively manage the Broncos.  Bowlen now begins a lonely journey into what should be a beautiful Bronco orange sunset.  Even worse, he… read more

Infamous Jameis Winston

By Dave Bruning Jameis Winston is an extraordinary athlete.  He is the quarterback of the defending national champion Florida St. Seminoles and is the current Heisman Trophy winner.  He also moonlights as a flame-throwing reliever for their baseball team.  Winston has the world on his plate and crab legs in his pants. That’s right, crab… read more

The Beauty of Rivalries

By Dave Bruning Sports are defined by rivalries.  Ali vs. Frazier, Borg vs. McEnroe, Boston vs. New York and Ohio St. vs. Michigan come to mind.  The opportunity to match greatness at the highest level of sports is rare.  Great rivalries raise the level of athletic performance.  In turn, athletic moments are created that live… read more

Life is Just a Fantasy

By Dave Bruning Life always appears perfect in a fantasy world.  Ricardo Montalban made fantasies come true on Fantasy Island.  Aldo Nova became a one-hit wonder with “Life is Just a Fantasy.”  Fantasy football allows millions of pseudo general managers the opportunity to dabble in a fantasy world.  It is a passion that has consumed… read more

A Comfortable Friendship

By Dave Bruning A comfortable baseball hat is a hidden pleasure that is difficult to describe.  The creation of that hat requires skill and patience.  The comfortable fit of a hat is like finding the perfect pillow or pair of shoes.  This hat junkie got a taste of where that process begins with a tour… read more

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

By Dave Bruning I don’t think there is a single person who hasn’t had a moment where they uttered something they regretted.  It’s the classic case of open mouth, insert foot here syndrome.  Nobody is more familiar with the ugly ramifications of poorly chosen words than Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles. Cooper was caught… read more