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Too Much Too Soon

By Dave Bruning 11-year-old Lucy Li qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open.  This is a wonderful accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated.  However, there are many spike marks that are being overlooked amidst this joyous celebration.  It is simply too much too soon for an 11-year-old to be playing in the U.S. Open. I am… read more

Landon Donovan Gets Royally Screwed

By Dave Bruning Life is not fair sometimes.  I don’t think anybody would argue that, and we all have certainly experienced life’s unfairness at some point.  Injuries aside, I think we tend to believe athletes lead a privileged existence and escape life’s inequities.  Not true.  Just ask Landon Donovan.  He got royally screwed by USA… read more

Johnny Football

By Dave Bruning Sports break almost as many hearts as the girl next door.  No city has been jilted more than Cleveland, Ohio.  The Drive, the Fumble, the Mistake by the Lake, the Decision, Art Modell and LeBron James.  That girl next door seems pretty damn nice by comparison.  Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football, is… read more

Infamous Jameis Winston

By Dave Bruning Jameis Winston is an extraordinary athlete.  He is the quarterback of the defending national champion Florida St. Seminoles and is the current Heisman Trophy winner.  He also moonlights as a flame-throwing reliever for their baseball team.  Winston has the world on his plate and crab legs in his pants. That’s right, crab… read more

Stanley Cup Fever Returns to Denver

By Dave Bruning Stanley Cup fever has engulfed Denver, like an Avalanche barreling down one of Colorado’s majestic ski slopes.  There is nothing like playoff hockey, and after a prolonged absence, the quest for the Cup has returned to Denver. Head coach Patrick Roy has led the Avalanche on an unexpected and wild ride back… read more

I Just Need a Hug

By Dave Bruning I was lying in bed last night scrolling through Facebook.  Social media creates such bad habits.  Yet, given the opportunity, redemption is just a moment away.  A wonderful post by a friend of mine provided redemption and inspired the thought process for this blog.  The post, courtesy of Ricky Newman, is as… read more

The Free Agency Savvy of John Elway

By Dave Bruning John Elway is quickly developing a reputation as football’s version of EF Hutton.  When he talks to NFL free agents, they listen.  Not only that they quickly sign their names on the dotted line of a lucrative NFL contract. Elway’s latest free agent haul includes DeMarcus Ware, Aquib Talib and TJ Ward. … read more

Hello Old Friend

By Dave Bruning It was fantastic to spend a day skiing.  Arapahoe Basin, aka The Legend, once again lived up to its nickname.  As I was driving home Eric Clapton’s “Hello, Old Friend” came on the radio.  It was the perfect way to describe my feelings for this sublime ski area. I was a young,… read more

Hockey Hits a Home Run

By Dave Bruning Children are born with skates on all across Canada and in hockey hot beds of the United States.  These children make a quick transition to outdoor ponds, regularly playing hockey past dark thirty and fighting off frost bite.  A select few are talented enough to play professionally.  It only seems natural to… read more