The Top 10 Reasons the Denver Broncos Will Win the Super Bowl

By Dave Bruning

10. Pete Carroll abandoned ship at USC, and you don’t get rewarded for running out on your team.

9. Champ Bailey is a class act on and off the field and deserves to embrace the Lombardi Trophy.  Ditto for John Fox.

8. Richard Sherman has a big mouth.

7. God made sunsets Bronco Orange for a reason.

6. Seattle sports fans already received their ultimate gift; David Stern retired as NBA commissioner yesterday; sadly, he took the Supersonics with him.

5. The weatherman took my threats of physical violence (Sopranos style) seriously and delivered ideal conditions for February in New Jersey.

4. If John Wayne can’t ride off into the sunset, I can’t think of anyone better than John Elway.

3. Colorado marijuana is better than Washington marijuana; don’t ask me how I know that!

2. Eli Manning won a Super Bowl on Peyton’s home field in Indianapolis.  It’s only fair for big brother to return the favor.

And the #1 reason the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl:

  1. Our quarterback is PFM:  Peyton F#&@*N Manning!




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