Infamous Jameis Winston

By Dave Bruning

Jameis Winston is an extraordinary athlete.  He is the quarterback of the defending national champion Florida St. Seminoles and is the current Heisman Trophy winner.  He also moonlights as a flame-throwing reliever for their baseball team.  Winston has the world on his plate and crab legs in his pants.

That’s right, crab legs in his pants.  Winston was issued a civil citation for walking out of a grocery store and not paying for $32 worth of crab legs and crawfish.  That’s stealing in my world.  In Infamous Jameis Winston’s world, this is a simple misunderstanding for which he will get a slap on the wrist from the vigilant Tallahassee Police Department.  Winston stated he forgot to pay, but made no effort to do so in the 3 hours it took for the police to knock on his door.

He is Famous Jameis Winston on the field and Infamous Jameis Winston off the field.

This incident pales in comparison to Winston’s involvement in a sordid incident in which he was investigated for sexual assault in 2013.  No charges were filed in that incident because there were too many gaps in the accuser’s story.  The Tallahassee police completely botched or ignored this incident, making a conviction impossible.  I smell crab legs.

I commend Florida St. baseball coach Mike Martin for suspending Winston.  The same cannot be said of football coach Jimbo Fisher.  It must be stated that the Seminoles’ football team was playing for the national championship and millions of dollars.  The same cannot be said of the baseball team.  Those circumstances surely made the decision to suspend easier for both coaches.

Winston’s poor decision making is casting a cloud over what should be a glorious athletic career on both the amateur and professional level.  I think it is obvious that his talent will ultimately win out; it usually does.

Famous Jameis or Infamous Jameis?  The future is too bright to be wearing shades and making asinine decisions.  It’s time to grow up Mr. Winston.

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