A Comfortable Friendship

By Dave Bruning

A comfortable baseball hat is a hidden pleasure that is difficult to describe.  The creation of that hat requires skill and patience.  The comfortable fit of a hat is like finding the perfect pillow or pair of shoes.  This hat junkie got a taste of where that process begins with a tour of the Zephyr Hats warehouse in Loveland.  I died and went to hat heaven!

Baseball and golf have been a part of my life since I was 5.  During that time, I have had a hat on for most of my life.  I make an exception when I sit down to dinner at my Dad’s house, only because he won’t let me eat with a hat on!  In fact, when I was born the doctor asked me why I was wearing a hat.  I promptly asked him why his hands were so damn cold!  It was the start of a beautiful friendship that gets renewed with each new hat.

The latest renewal of that friendship began with an invitation from Jon-Michael McCahan, a sales manager with Zephyr.  I jumped at the opportunity to tour the warehouse.  The Zephyr facility has over 200,000 hats on premise.  New hat lines are constantly being created and orders are flying off the shelves of the warehouse.

Zephyr features a tremendous variety of hats.  They have old-school traditional hats for old farts like me.  They have flamboyant, cutting-edge selections for the younger generation, and everything in between.  The warehouse is organized by sports and conferences, making it a joy to traverse and see all the hats that are available.  Colleges and the NHL are Zephyr’s bread and butter.

I left the warehouse with a couple of new hats and the giddiness of a kid in a candy story.  I was only saddened by the fact I promised my wife I would get rid of a couple of my old, sweaty hats.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.  The sadness did not last long.  I am excited to start molding new friendships with new hats.



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