About Us


Opened in late June of 2006, Sports Station American Grill took on the task of revitalizing an historic landmark in downtown Loveland, CO. The Loveland Train Station was built in 1902 and has been the starting and ending point of many, many journeys and lives throughout this towns history. Sports Station took advantage of the unique layout of the building as well as the architecture in designing a restaurant that not only emphasizes sports, but brings people together in a way much like the original train station did.

All of the original benches lining the interior perimeter of the building are still in tact and used as seating for guests. The original platform from which travelers descended upon Loveland or said their farewells, is now closed in and transformed into a game room with foosball, arcade games, and seating. The glass between the platform and the building has been removed so that parents sitting in the dining room enjoying their meals can not only observe their children playing games, but can speak to them without feeling like they are disturbing anyone. Perched in every corner of the dining room is a large flat-screen TV with every sports channel available and playing. Ask your server for a specific game and it’s yours in a flash.

The Lineup

With 20 beers on tap, a fine assortment of liquors and customized cocktails, the separated bar area allows the more vociferous patrons and fans to express themselves without disturbing the conversations in the dining room. Four TV’s line the top of the bar, flanked by four more in the corners to allow viewing from any angle.

If you prefer fresh air, Sports Station has Loveland’s largest outdoor patio, shaded by large trees, and perfect for winding down with friends and family. Sit at the bar, a low table near the game room, high tops along the wall, or gather your whole team together in the dining room to join us for your favorite event, fantastic food, excellent, friendly service, and an experience like none other in Loveland.

The idea behind Sports Station is to bring people together, make everyone welcome, and provide the best fare in town affordable for the whole family, large gatherings, or just a couple of colleagues seeking a great lunch, fast, and relaxed.

Our menu is specially designed to accommodate both the evening diner and the business person for a fast but fulfilling lunch. Featuring daily food specials, we also offer a large assortment of fresh wraps, salads, and the Sports Station Build Your Own Burger – along with appetizers and select Mexican entrees.

Join Us

Sports Station is dedicated to supporting all of the local high school athletic departments and have ongoing sponsorships of both athletics and extra curricular activities. So whether you are a football fanatic, basketball baller, hockey hard-hitter, baseball All-American, golfer, NASCAR racer, or general supporter of teamwork, competition, and fun – make Sports Station your headquarters and we’ll do all the rest!