Monthly Archives: June 2014

Too Much Too Soon

By Dave Bruning 11-year-old Lucy Li qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open.  This is a wonderful accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated.  However, there are many spike marks that are being overlooked amidst this joyous celebration.  It is simply too much too soon for an 11-year-old to be playing in the U.S. Open. I am… read more

Landon Donovan Gets Royally Screwed

By Dave Bruning Life is not fair sometimes.  I don’t think anybody would argue that, and we all have certainly experienced life’s unfairness at some point.  Injuries aside, I think we tend to believe athletes lead a privileged existence and escape life’s inequities.  Not true.  Just ask Landon Donovan.  He got royally screwed by USA… read more